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Building Together

"Many hands make for light work." 

How many times did you hear that proverb as a child? My mom said it to me all the time. Why? Because it's true: the more help you have the quicker (and dare I say, more enjoyably) a project progresses. 

As you no doubt realize, building a thriving Colorado will not just happen, it will require a great deal of work from a great many people. I am up for the challenge, as I hope you are. 

From strengthening our families to stewarding our environment, from enabling our farmers to equipping our educators, from growing our businesses to restoring our governments, there are countless foundational pillars we must undergird. 

If you would like to bolster these pillars, I heartily invite you to join our crew. Together, I am convinced, our many hands will make for light work. 

One should never build without surveying the site, so take some time to learn about House District 60 and its people. 

Our quality of life is impacted most by what happens locally, so join a group already building in your neighborhood.

Do you know people in your community that work to improve the lives of others? If so, tell us. We would love to honor them!

Are you passionate about a need no one else in your community seems to notice? Then start a building project of your own.

Build Your Own Crew
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