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Building - whether structures or campaigns - is costly. There are supplies to purchase, labor to pay. Costs are rarely covered by one person. Instead, builders attract investors who believe in the project and are willing to give to see it accomplished.

Do you, like me, want to build a Colorado that thrives? Do you envision constructing a home state marked by innovation, stewardship, and health, where people are honored and free? If so, would you invest $5, $10, $15 or more in my campaign building fund, so that together we may erect a place of abundant life? 


If you would like to contribute $19.99 or less using Venmo, our username is: @Citizens4Luck

Due to Campaign Finance Regulations, if you would like to contribute $20 or more using Venmo, you must first email or call us so that we can acquire the necessary reporting information. 


Contributions made by cash or check can be sent to:

    Citizens for Luck

    P.O. Box 333

    Penrose, CO 81240

Cash donations may not exceed $99.


See Terms & Conditions

for More Details


The following terms and conditions apply to all contributions:

  1. Those giving $20 or more must disclose their name & address.​

  2. Those giving $100 or more must disclose their occupation & employer.

  3. No individual may give more than $400.

  4. No donation is tax deductible.

  5. Only U.S. Citizens may  contribute.


Everywhere I look I see builders, toiling to create a better community. These individuals and organizations give of their time, energy, and resources to, among other things, aid struggling families, enhance education, improve health, and create beautiful environments. Without them our quality of life would be much reduced. 

If you are uncomfortable giving to me, as a political candidate, or maybe you have given to me and still want to do more, I encourage you to search out local "building projects" in your area and discover how best to support them. Building together we can transform our neighborhoods into thriving places where we all love to live!


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